What is System Integration?

System integration refers to the process of connecting and merging various separate software systems and hardware components into one cohesive unit. It involves making these disparate systems work together seamlessly to improve overall functionality and efficiency. In essence, system integration ensures that different parts of a business’s technology infrastructure communicate effectively, share data, and operate harmoniously.

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The services offered by Syslab Technologies are designed to create a harmonious and efficient digital ecosystem for businesses, making technology work together seamlessly for better operations and outcomes.

Payment Gateway Integration


Ecommerce websites

Enhance online stores by integrating secure payment gateways, enabling customers to make transactions conveniently.

Mobile applications with payment gateway integration

Ensure that mobile apps can securely process payments, offering a seamless user experience.

Any custom system with payment gateway

Customize and integrate payment gateways into specialized systems, meeting unique business needs.

Access & Security
Systems Integration

  • Integration with card access systems like Gallagher & EntryPass: Ensure authorized access to premises by integrating card-based access systems.
  • Integration with face recognition systems like Hikvision: Enhance security by integrating advanced facial recognition technology.
  • Integration with fingerprint systems like Suprema: Implement biometric fingerprint access control for heightened security.
  • Integration with ANPR systems like Vaxtor: Automate access control and tracking with Automatic Number Plate Recognition integration.
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Integration with 3rd Party Systems


Accounting Systems Integration

Streamline financial operations by integrating accounting software, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Learning Management Systems

Enhance employee training and development through Learning Management Systems integration, fostering growth and productivity.

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