Robotic Automation

Syslab assists organizations in streamlining workflows and achieving operational excellence by leveraging software robots to perform a wide range of repetitive, high-volume rule-based, and trigger-driven tasks. Our RPA consultants work with businesses to identify processes that can be delegated to a digital workforce.

Automation that accelerates your
digital transformation

Build a business that works smarter, not harder with the Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) that gives you everything you need to futureproof your enterprise. Imagine a workforce unburdened from mundane work to focus on tasks that excite them, making you a faster more flexible enterprise that drives business results. Our automation platform ecosystem will accelerate your digital transformation.

Why would you need an
external team?

Intelligent automation combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to deliver digital workers that take away the mundane tasks human workers are overloaded with empowering them to focus on the profit driving initiatives only people can do. Our intelligent automation platform provides everything you need to serve your customers in today’s demanding world with a secure, stable and compliant environment that propels digital transformation. We’re here to help every step of the way from automation specialists, pre-built automations and training and certification to our unrivaled customer.

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Discover what you can automate with a fully AI-powered solution that analyzes your key business processes so you can put automation into action that drives key results.


Empower every user with tools from no code to pro code and deliver truly engaging and interactive experiences for employees and customers.


Scale up your enterprise and add more advanced automations using an entire suite of products and pre-built solutions available through the leading partner ecosystem and RPA marketplace.


Fully autonomous digital workers learn business processes like humans to analyze structured and unstructured data.

Govern & Manage

Govern and manage your automations at enterprise scale, without compromising your security and compliance policies.


Roadblocks caused by disparate systems are a thing of the past. Combine your technology systems, your multiple data sources and your business.

The Leading Intelligent
Automation Platform (IAP)

A combination of robotics process automation (RPA) with expanded cognitive and AI capabilities makes Syslab different from other automation tools on the market. As a Syslab customer, you gain instant access to an already AI equipped digital workforce, along with the capabilities you need to build, delegate, and control your automations.


Design Workplace

  • Drag-and-drop process automation creation in Design Studio
  • Reuse “objects” – the events and actions that comprise a process – throughout the organization.
  • Updates to objects and processes are made only once and saved for future use.


Workforce Digitalization

  • Software robots with self-awareness
  • Ingenious technologies mimic and learn business processes in the same way that humans do.
  • With AI capabilities and our intelligent automation abilities.


Control Centre

  • Assign processes to digital workers
  • On-demand task assignment and digital worker volume scaling
  • Transparency of process performance in real-time


Increased Scalability

  • Based on business rules, digital workers can be reassigned.
  • A safe digital workforce that scales quickly and easily
  • Improved Control Centre performance


Greater Flexibility

  • REST APIs for Control Centre
  • Makes use of a complementary technology ecosystem
  • Additional component plug-ins are simple to add.


Improved Usability

  • Dashboards provide a better user experience.
  • Immediate access to the digital workforce’s health
  • Simple to use for both developers and non-developers.

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